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biotone dual purpose.jpg BiotoneŽ Dual Purpose Creme

Our best-selling formula, Dual-Purpose Massage Creme combines the desired features of an oil and lotion in one. With an effortless glide and a luxurious consistency, it offers excellent versatility, workability and absorbency. Equally suited for the face, feet and hands, as it is for full body massage. Leaves skin soft and moisturized with no greasy feel.

BiotoneŽ Dual Purpose Creme Gallon SALE $51.62

Biotone Dual Purpose Creme 68oz SALE $35.51

Biotone Dual Purpose Creme 7 oz. Tube SALE $10.91

Biotone Dual Purpose Creme 36 oz. SALE $29.68
BiotoneŽ Pure Touch Organics Creme
Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme provides rich thickness hypo-allergenic qualities, in an unscented creme. Can be used for all modalities from high glide circulatory to slow deep tissue. Organic, paraben-free and gently pH balanced, assures the therapist of the highest quality and purity.
Biotone Pure Touch Organics Creme 7 oz $11.99
Biotone Pure Touch Organics Creme 32 oz $36.99
Biotone Pure Touch Organics Creme Gallon $59.99
biotone pure touch orgranics gel.jpg BiotoneŽ Pure Touch Organics Gel

Organic ingredients, hypoallergenic and unscented. Gets more coverage than oil so you use much less. Organic Jojoba, Shea Butter and Sesame deliver rich nutrients to the skin. Organic, environmentally friendly, gently pH balance, light satiny feel, hypoallergenic. Unscented, and paraben-free. Organic extracts of Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Passion Flower and Sage provide soothing and healing properties and help reduce stress. Contains Worry-free washout™ to ensure easy removal and stain-free linens.

Biotone Pure Touch Organics Gel 8oz $15.95
Biotone Pure Touch Organics Gel 64oz $53.65
Biotone Pure Touch Organics Gel Gallon $74.99
biotone advanced therapy lotion.jpg BiotoneŽ Advanced Therapy Lotion

Hypoallergenic. Enjoy optimal manipulation of skin and muscle- with more glide and easy workability. If you like the clean absorption of a lotion, but need more glide and workability for deep and relaxing massage, here's the solution. This unique specially developed lotion manages to maintain gentle drag and extended, lasting performance and still penetrates the skin for a pleasant non-greasy finish.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion 8 oz $8.99
Biotone Advanced Therapy Lotion 64 oz $29.45
BiotoneŽ Advanced Therapy Lotion Gallon $43.95
biotone advanced therapy creme.jpg BiotoneŽ Advanced Therapy Creme

Hypoallergenic. Now get the easy glide of oil and the light absorption of lotion in one very luxurious creme. Wonderfully silky, this formula offers higher friction and less glide than oil yet it won't absorb as fully or as fast as lotions.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Creme 16 oz with pump $19.85

Biotone Advanced Therapy Creme 64 oz. $42.99

Biotone Advanced Therapy Creme Gallon $55.95
biotone advanced therapy gel.jpg BiotoneŽ Advanced Therapy Gel

Hypoallergenic. Provides 25% more coverage than ordinary oils..yet it's remarkably light, lasting and non-greasy. Spreading effortlessly over the skin, this seed oil based gel has one of the lightest, most pleasant textures you'll find. Offers significantly more coverage than typical oils so you use much less, yet assures continuous workability that doesn't require the interruption of reapplication.

Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel 8 oz $11.99

Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel 64 oz $36.99

Biotone Advanced Therapy Gel Gallon $55.99
biotone deep tissue.jpg BiotoneŽ Deep Tissue Massage Lotion

When the glide of oils and cremes makes it difficult to obtain the manipulation you need for relief of deep, knotted muscles or trigger points, Deep-Tissue Lotion is the perfect formula for the job. It has a non-greasy texture for minimum glide and deeper friction. Formulated especially for deep-tissue, stimulating, and neuromuscular techniques.

Biotone Deep Tissue Lotion 8 oz. $9.85

Biotone Deep Tissue Lotion 64 oz. $26.85

Biotone Deep Tissue Lotion Gallon $38.99
biotone nutri naturals creme.jpg BiotoneŽ Nutri-Naturals Creme

Nutri-Naturals Massage Creme combines skin healthy, vitamin-rich ingredients to create a rich, luxurious creme that goes beyond basic moisturizing. Easy to apply and non-greasy, Nutri-Naturals Massage Creme provides ideal glide that leaves skin smooth and nourished.

Biotone Nutri Naturals Creme 64 oz $45.75

Biotone Nutri Naturals Creme Gallon $65.99
Biotone Nutri Naturals lotion.jpg BiotoneŽ Nutri-Naturals Lotion

Nutri-Naturals Massage Lotion combines skin healthy, vitamin rich ingredients to create a silky, emollient lotion that goes beyond basic moisturizing. Easy to apply and non-greasy, Nutri-Naturals Massage Lotion provides gentle friction, and the ideal glide, that leaves skin smooth and nourished.

Biotone Nutri Naturals Lotion 8 oz $10.75

BiotoneŽ Nutri Naturals Lotion Gallon $44.99
biotone relaxing therapeutic.jpg BiotoneŽ Relaxing Therapeutic Creme

This natural massage creme is healing and soothing to the skin. Contains Certified Organic Botanicals of Lavender, Passion Flower, Melissa, Chamomile and Sage to reduce tension, ease stress and promote complete relaxation. Provides a smooth glide with a moisturized, non-greasy finish. Lightly scented. This product is pumpable.

Biotone Relaxing Therapeutic Creme 16oz $21.05

Biotone Relaxing Therapeutic Creme Gallon $65.99
Biotone Relaxing Therapeutic Creme 64oz $45.55
biotone revitalizing oil.jpg BiotoneŽ Revitalizing Massage Oil

Unscented. This unique blend of Almond, Kukui Nut, and Coconut oils allows glide and firmness. A natural water dispersant helps minimize the staining of linens.

Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil Unsc. 8 oz. $9.95

Biotone Revitalizing Massage Oil Unsc. 64 oz. $28.50

Biotone Revitalizing Massge Oil Unsc. Gallon $67.99
biotone clear results oil.jpg BiotoneŽ Clear Results Massage Oil

This light, silky formula washes out easily from fabrics, leaving your sheets and towels looking their best. In fact, recent comparison studies show Clear Results washed out more clearly and completely than any other oil tested.

Biotone Clear Results - Gallon $60.99

Biotone Clear Results - 64 oz. $41.75

Biotone Clear Results - 8 oz.
biot-hs-face BiotoneŽ Herbal Select Face Therapy Lotion

Use for face, eye, and neck areas. This soothing face therapy lotion contains the finest ingredients you'll find in massage lotions. Use it with confidence on all skin types--the unique blend of light emollients and natural botanicals assures comfort and glide throughout the facial massage.

Biotone Herbal Select Face Therapy Lotion 6 oz. $16.35

Biotone Herbal Select Face Therapy Lotion 32 oz. $39.95
BiotoneŽ Herbal Select Creme

Experience the fine, satiny smooth application of this luxurious full-body massage formula. Light, non-greasy texture penetrates quickly to moisturize and condition the skin while assuring as easy glide and consistent workability. Contains intensive hydrating Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera plus fragrant, soothing botanicals to melt away stress

Biotone Herbal Select Creme Gallon $70.99
Biotone Herbal Select Creme Half Gallon $48.99

Biotone Herbal Select Creme - 7 oz. Tube $12.99
Biotone-Muscle-Joint-Creme.jpg BiotoneŽ Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Creme

Utilizes naturally healing ingredients to provide the ultimate massage for clients with sore joints and aching muscles. Contains glucosamine which has been associated with the relief of joint pain and the support of healthy tissue and joints. Natural botanicals of Boswellia, Devil's Claw, Arnica and Lemon Bioflavonoids help reduce inflammation, reduce bruising and increase mobility. Provides a smooth glide with a moisturized, non-greasy finish. Lightly scented. This product is pumpable.

Biotone Muscle & Joint Creme 16 oz $21.45
Biotone Muscle & Joint Creme 64oz $45.75

Biotone Muscle & Joint Creme Gallon $66.99
MJGelGroup.JPG BiotoneŽ Muscle and Joint Gel

All the benefits of Muscle and Joint Cream, in a smooth, long lasting gel. Made with extracts of Arnica, Boswellia and Devil's Claw combined with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Balsam Peru and Wintergreen, this gel is ideal for sore joints and aching muscles by promoting joint wellness and providing soothing relief to strains, sprains and other injuries.

Biotone Muscle & Joint Creme 8oz $16.45
Biotone Muscle & Joint Gel 64oz $45.75
Biotone Muscle & Joint Gel Gallon $72.99
biotone polar lotion.jpg BiotoneŽ Polar Lotion

Nothing soothes as quickly or as thoroughly as Polar Lotion-- a new therapeutic lotion that brings long-lasting, deep-cooling relief to your massage. Fast-penetrating, it immediately quiets aching, inflamed, or sore areas to bring overall comfort.

Biotone Polar Lotion 32oz $41.75
Biotone Polar Lotion 16 oz. $29.95
Biotone Health Benefits Creme.jpg BiotoneŽ Healthy Benefits Creme

Healthy Benefits Massage Creme is a rich, thick formula with powerful anti-oxidants of Pomegranate, Green Tea, White Grape and Grapeseed.| Known for their ability to protect and restore, these active botanical extracts deliver nutrients to the skin, promote healthy circulation and help fight free radicals.

Biotone Healthy Benefits Creme 7oz $13.15
Biotone Healthy Benefits Creme 64oz $42.35
Biotone Healthy Benefits Creme Gallon $62.99
Biotone Heathly Benefits Face Creme 6oz $15.95
Biotone Healthy Benefits Face Creme 16oz $31.75
BiotoneŽ Herbal Select Foot Lotion 32 oz.
Price: $35.95
BiotoneŽ Herbal Select Foot Lotion 8 oz.
Price: $15.75