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sacred earth_bergamot.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Bergamot 15ml Price: $20.95
Because of its unique fruity and subtly spicy aroma, bergamot oil is frequently added to different perfume and cosmetic products. To shield crops from being attacked by pests, bergamot plant, whose roots have a potent odor, is grown as a companion crop on vegetable gardens.
sacred earth_eucalyptus.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Eucalyptus 15ml Price: $9.95
eucalyptus oil is taken orally for pain and inflammation of respiratory tract mucous membranes, coughs, asthma, bronchitis, sinus pain and inflammation, and respiratory infections. It is also used as an antiseptic, insect repellent, and treatment option for wounds, burns, and ulcer. Eucalyptus oil is also popularly used as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics, and is found in mouthwashes, liniments and ointments, toothpastes, cough drops, and lozenges.
sacred earth_lavender.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Lavender 15ml Price: $15.95
Lavender oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties. It also has antispasmodic, analgesic, detoxifying, hypotensive, and sedative effects. Lavender oil is one of the most well-known essential oils in aromatherapy.
sacred earth_lemongrass.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Lemongrass 15ml Price: $9.95
Lemongrass oil is a great addition to various skin care and cosmetic products, such as soaps, deodorants, shampoos, lotions, and tonics. It also works as an air freshener and deodorizer, especially when blended with other essential oils like geranium or bergamot. Its clean and calming aroma helps relieve stress, anxiety, irritability, and insomnia, and prevent drowsiness., Lemongrass oil can also help relax and tone your muscles, as well as relieve muscle pain, rheumatism, period cramps, stomachache, toothache, migraines, and headaches.
sacred earth_orange.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Orange 15ml Price: $8.95
Domestically, it is used to add orange flavor to beverages, desserts and sweetmeats. Industrially, it is used in soaps, body lotions, creams, anti-aging and wrinkle-lifting applications, concentrates for soft beverages, room fresheners, sprays, deodorants, biscuits, chocolates, confectionery and bakery items.
sacred earth_peppermint.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Peppermint 15ml Price: $13.95
Peppermint oil is often used in aromatherapy, or the use of essential oils to support health. Studies have found that aromatherapy is effective in relieving anxiety, pain, and vomiting, as well as improving memory. The aroma of peppermint oil has been shown to improve memory and raise alertness.
Sacred earth_Rosemary.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Rosemary 15ml Price: $13.95 On Sale! $12.56
It is recommended to use fresh rosemary-infused oil on your salads as a delicious dressing. The herb itself has a thousand uses, and it extremely hardy and therefore easy to grow and maintain whether inside or out. You can add an entire sprig to your soups for a unique flavor. Both rosemary oil and teas are added to shampoos and lotions. Regularly using the oil helps stimulate follicles, aiding in long, strong hair growth. You can also massage your scalp with the oil to nourish it and remove dandruff. Rosemary oil can also be used on your pets as a hair growth stimulant and for helping produce shiny coats.
sacred earth_spearmint.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Spearmint 15ml Price: $11.95
The uses of spearmint oil extend beyond the kitchen and the medicine cabinet. For instance, it can also be used to help the mind relax or to instill positive emotions.Compared to peppermint oil, spearmint oil is milder and can be used on children. Two drops can help treat respiratory problems and stress.
sacred earth_tea tree.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® Tea Tree 15ml Price: $12.95
Tea tree oil's has become more popular within the last few years, and it is now added to soaps, shampoos, lotions, and other personal care products. Tea tree oil has many uses around the home, too. Tea tree oil has been long valued for its antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.
sacred earth_white Grapefruit.jpg Sacred Earth Botanicals® White Grapefruit 15ml Price: $24.95
This oil has been reported to increase your energy levels with its uplifting scent, giving you more energy and stamina, and helping you increase your activity levels. It supports cleansing of the system from the inside-out. And it increases your overall system, helping to return your body to its optimal health. Likewise, as with all citrus oils, it has an uplifting aroma which may help with anxiety, bad moods, or stress, all of which impact our hormones and thus our weight.
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Peppermint 15ml Price: $11.25
Peppermint oil helps people become clear headed and refreshes the spirits. Good for concentration or for those with mental fatigue.An ideal oil to use when clear thinking and mental stimulation are required. It is ideal to use for sinus congestion, infection or inflammation, and for a congestive headache. Blends well with: basil, bergamot, cajeput, cedarwood, cypress, eucalyptus, lemon, mandarin, marjoram, niaouli, rosemary, spearmint & thyme.
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Lavender Standard 15ml Price: $17.50
"Distilled from the freshly cut flowering tops and stalks. Has been most valuable for most skin conditions. Known as giving relief from insomnia. Renowned as an insecticide. Use in steam, bath, massage and diffuser."
Sunrose Aromatics™ Lavender Standard 15ml $17.50
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Eucalyptus Globulus 15ml Price: $13.50
"The main use of Eucalyptus globulus is flavoring of cough drops, vaporizers, mouth gargles, toothpaste, etc. It clears the head and aids concentration."

Caution: This is powerful oil. Best avoided on people suffering from high blood pressure or epilepsy. Avoid application on infants.

Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Rosemary 15ml Price: $14.00

"A strong, clear and penetrating,refreshing and stimulating herbal fragrance. Rosemary is considered one of the best tonics for strengthening mental clarity and awareness and has a long history of improving memory. It is said to relieve exhaustion."

Caution: Not recommended for people with epilepsy or high blood pressure. Best avoided in pregnancy.

Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Lavender High Alps 15ml Price: $28.00
"Considered more pure due to the fact that it's grown at a higher elevation, farther from pollutants."
Sunrose Aromatics™ Lavender High Alps 15ml $28.00
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Tea Tree 15ml Organic Price: $14.50

"This oil has a fresh and antiseptic, rather pungent odor. Distillation of leaves and twigs. Best known for its antiseptic and antifungal properties when applied to the skin."

Caution: May cause irritation on sensitive skin.

Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Lemon Organic 15ml Price: $12.00

"A very light, fresh and sweet odor, truly reminiscent of the ripe peel. Known for its refreshing, sweet-fruity note. It finds general application as a freshener and topnote ingredient in countless perfume types."

Blends well with other citrus oils, lavender, lavandin, elemi, labdanum, etc.

Caution: May irritate sensitive skin.

Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Breath Easy 15ml Price: $15.75
A blend of Eucalyptus, Rosalina and Lemon Myrtle, this blend promotes deep, calming breaths and is also known to clear the sinuses when diffused.
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Clove Bud 15ml Price: $14.75
Sweet, spicy aroma. Known for warming properties. *extremely potent*
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Patchouli 15ml Price: $12.00
Sweet, musky, floral scent. Commonly worn as a perfume oil.
Sunrose Armomatics Logo.png Sunrose Aromatics™ Lemongrass 15ml Price: $12.00
Lemony, herbaceous scent. Known to help energize and relieve fatigue.