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Ergo pro Chair.jpg Stronglite® Ergo II Pro Massage Chair Price: $465.00
The easily adjustable Ergo Pro massage chair features durable semi-gloss silver aluminum frame, holds 1200 pounds static weight; 600 pounds working weight with telescoping legs to adjust to therapist's height alignment and comfort. One-step adjustments on face rest, arm support and chest pad allow quick versatile positioning and Comfortably seats clients 4'6" to 6'6". Removable knee pads and adjustable seat allow work on clients with sensitive knees. Offset nylon wheels permit easy transportation. Package Includes: • Ergo Pro Chair • Additional Sternum Pad • Chair Carry Case Please see color options to the right, and select below.
portal-pro.jpg Oakworks® Portal Pro Massage Chair Price: $465.00

For safety and security, therapists require a rock solid, ultra-stable, completely adjustable, easy-to-use chair. The Portal Pro® has been the unsurpassed industry favorite for a dozen years. With Oakworks® Portal Pro®, you can take advantage of every business-building opportunity and bring a little more ease and peace into stressed lives.

Details make the difference. -Push-button adjustment -Easy set-up -Fits all sizes -Off-set Wheels roll only when needed -QuickLock™ Face Rest -QuickLock™ Arm Rest -Instructional Video -Adjustable ChestPad -UL Listed Specs- 19 lb. portability with 300 lb. dynamic load Available in all Oakworks Terra Touch Colors. If you would like a color other than those listed please call us.

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