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Innerpeacefacecc.jpg Inner Peace Table Flannel Face Covers

Flannel Flat Face Cradle Drape $4.50

Flannel Fitted Face Cradle Cover $6.50
This fabric is made in the USA. Not only is it milled in the USA, the cotton is also grown in the USA. The mill that they purchase the fabric from is a family-run business that takes pride in manufacturing the highest quality woven products. All cotton coming into the mill is closely inspected and mixed to provide the strongest and most consistent material we can buy. This exacting process helps to insure lot-to-lot consistency. The material is a 42x42 thread (84 TPI - threads per inch), 3.8 oz per square yard flannel. Unlike in smooth sheeting, a high thread count is not a good measure of quality for flannels. For example, a material with a 200 TPI (threads per inch) would be destroyed in the napping process. Napping is the process that makes flannel fuzzy. The "threads" need to be thick enough to withstand the wire brushing of the napping process that is lifting fibers from the threads to make the material soft. We nap it on one side like regular flannel, and only nap it VERY lightly on the other. This makes it a LOT stronger than double sided flannel. This flannel is a strong, light weight, and durable material providing the best compromise between weight and strength. A heavier weight flannel takes up more space in the wash and needs a lot more energy to dry. This material is strong and saves you money, and helps the environment by using less energy.